Jacksons – Assembling

„From the history of modern architecture to product design and modern art, the making of spaces for living, gathering and display was always in some ways related to various types of operations that assemble forms in order to produce (create) specific objects and environments.“ (Hehl Rainer: „Assembling Relations: From Object Form to Interiors and Buildings or vice versa“)


For the spring 2015 exhibition, Paul and Carina Jackson have invited the Berlin-based architect duo Pierre Jorge Gonzalez and Judith Haase AAS – Atelier for Architecture and Scenography – to select and assemble design objects from their extensive collection of 20th-century design in the form of a conceptual installation. For the show, AAS confronts the notion of ‚assemblage‘ in relation to the history of modern furniture design, and explores the relationship between space and object from the perspective of an architect. As a natural extension of their spatial practice and influence within the ‚Galerienhaus‘, which AAS designed in 2007, this assemblage renegotiates and ultimately reassembles how we perceive and dissect objects and space.

Gonzalez Haase AAS have selected objects that range from traditional and minimal furniture to reconfigured objects. A publication designed by Frederic Teschner (Paris), featuring an essay by Hehl Rainer (Berlin), is available during the exhibition at Jacksons and at selected locations within Berlin.

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